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Tue Mar 25, 2014 7:40 pm by Vanish

Top posting users this week


Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:38 am by Vanish

Can you all type in your devpro names here?Because dn is sometimes out of server.

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Fri Feb 21, 2014 8:38 pm by Vanish

(Uchiha)ivany77 is not a part of the clan and don't test him.

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Sat Nov 16, 2013 4:14 am by Dark Phoenix

We will be hosting our weekly tournaments on each Sunday. Try to stay online if you want to take part !!

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just for phoenix

Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:49 pm by Vanish

Phoenix I need to talk to you.

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u need to be fair

Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:09 pm by (Uchiha) Phantom

thats is not fair there r good duelist but they have tier 1
and everyone gets a bad hand

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Sat Feb 22, 2014 2:59 pm by Vanish

Since most of the people in our clan are "stolen" and uchihas have been given a bad name (https://i.imgur.com/a0HNWeE.png) I say we recruit only the strong means rank 3 or above.

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Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:56 pm by Vanish

Yesterday when I arranged a clan war, my internet was not working so sorry to all of you.

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Important Notice - Members be online !

Tue Oct 22, 2013 3:03 am by Dark Phoenix

People please be online with your clan accounts. We hardly have any members on these days.

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Torny Rules

Sun Dec 22, 2013 2:00 am by (Uchiha)Denka

If you want to start a tourment please ask one of the members of tourment deperment first and please report any rule breaking and report any other problems to the torny deperment
(Uchiha)denka Rolling Eyes 

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Blue-Eyes - [Tier 3]

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Blue-Eyes - [Tier 3]

Post by Dark Phoenix on Thu Dec 26, 2013 1:40 am

Blue Eyes [Dragon Ruler]

Monsters: 23

3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon
3x Maiden with Blue Eyes
3x Tempest
3x Blaster
3x Redox
2x Dragunity Corseca
2x Flamvell Guard
2x Swift Scarecrow
1x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
1x Divine Dragon Apocralyph

Spells: 15

3x Dragon Ravine
2x Cards of Consonance
3x Dragon Shrine
2x Silver's Cry
2x Forbidden Lance
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Terraforming
1x One for One

Traps: 4

2x Castle of dragon souls
1x Return from the Different Dimension
1x Skill Drain

Extra Deck : 15

3x Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon
1x Crimson Blader
1x Colossal Fighter
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Ally of Justice Catastor
1x Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis
1x Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder
6x Other Monsters

Blue-Eyes [Chaos]

Monster: 29

3x Maiden with Blue Eyes
3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon
1x Darkstorm Dragon
1x Flamvell Guard
3x Lightpulsar Dragon
2x Darkflare Dragon
1x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
1x Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
1x Chaos Sorcerer
2x Eclipse Wyvern
3x Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress
3x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
2x Tour Guide From the Underworld
1x Honest
2x Tragoedia

Spells: 12

3x Silver's Cry
2x Dragon Shrine
1x Dark Hole
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Forbidden Lance
1x Charge of the Light Brigade
1x One for One

Traps: 2

2x Castle of Dragon Souls

Extra Deck: 15

1x Leviair the Sea Dragon
1x Wind-Up Zenmaines
1x Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
2x Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon
10x Other Cards

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Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix

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Re: Blue-Eyes - [Tier 3]

Post by Dark Phoenix on Thu Dec 26, 2013 1:45 am

You can switch some of the Lightsworn for the new Raiden
Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix

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Re: Blue-Eyes - [Tier 3]

Post by Dark Phoenix on Sun Jan 26, 2014 10:48 pm

Due to the new ban list, the Dragon Ruler variant is not viable anymore in Advanced, so Clannies you may play it in Traditional or replace some of the dragons with the new Mythic Dragons.
Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix

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Re: Blue-Eyes - [Tier 3]

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